Tim Allen's popular show "Last Man Standing" may eventually live up to its title if Country Music Television agrees to pick up the recently canceled conservative TV sit-com.

CMT announced it has begun preliminary talks to revive the show although nothing is cast in Hollywood Boulevard cement.

Disney-owned ABC decided to pull the plug on Last Man Standing in May after six highly rated seasons. Millions of the show's viewers were both disappointed and baffled by the move.

ABC officials claimed the show's cancellation was in part due to a licensing dispute and not because of politics. Tim Allen likened the political climate in Hollywood with that of National Socialist Germany.

Last Man Standing is about a die-hard Republican father in a household filled with liberal women. The political tension made for some hilarious episodes as the father (Allen) tries to assert his manhood, and his conservative ideals.

It took a petition signed by thousands of loyal fans of the show to get ABC to consider finding a new home for Last Man Standing, although they made no promises.

Last Man Standing would be in its true element on CMS -- the same network which took on ABC's discarded country soap "Nashville" last year.

It would also be a reflection of an America increasingly polarized, where liberals and conservatives find they have less in common and want little or nothing to do with one another.

Last Man Standing is a worthy sitcom that deserves a second chance. In these tumultuous times, America could use a good laugh.

We would love to hear your thoughts about the possible return of Last Man Standing on CMT. Would you watch the show?

H/T: Waye Dupree

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