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“Frontier Justice” can indeed be brutal, and for those not familiar with the term, it simply means to take justice in to your own hands regardless of the possible legal ramifications it may entail. There are numerous examples of violent “frontier justice” and or “vigilante justice’s that occurred in Texas in the 1870s.

However today there are laws in place in almost all civil societies and “frontier justice” is a thing of the past, unless however you happen to find yourself in prison, for committing a heinous act such as raping a child.

And that’s exactly what happened to a Brazilian jiu jitsu teacher who turned himself into authorities after admitting to beating, raping, and killing his baby stepson, and once he entered jail, “frontier justice” took over and he himself was brutally raped by a mob of angry prisoners.

According to reports, Daryell Dickson Meneses Xavier admitted to raping and murdering his stepson, who was one-year, eight-months old.

When he arrived in prison, the other inmates decided to do to him what he did to the innocent boy.

It was reported that; “Daryell was raped by about 20 prisoners. He had injuries all over the body, the most serious ones in the anal region.

Dissatisfied, and still furious about the crime committed by the teacher, the prisoners tore apart the stitches that he received and raped him again. The blood stains on the rear of the short of the young man are proof of how much he suffered.”

No doubt “Frontier Justice” can indeed be brutal!

h/t: America News

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