Recently of Thug-in-Chief had a sit down lunch with a gangster rapper. The rapper, Rick Ross, was enjoying his tête-à-tête immensely, when all of a sudden his ankle bracelet went on alert.

If the event you don’t know, some criminals are required to wear them so that law enforcement can remain cognizant of their whereabouts. Ross’ presence in the White House reinforces the type of guy who sits behind the desk in the Oval Office—thug lover, in addition to terrorist dictator chummy buddy.

Rapper Ross is an imposter. In order to become famous, he took his name from a real former drug dealer.

That man reformed his life and wants Rapper Ross, the Hip-Hop community, and the rest of us to get our acts together. If they and we don’t, then the “prison pipeline,” as the Real Rick Ross calls it, will continue pumping thugs into prison, and back out onto our streets.

If you or your children are Rap fans and Hip-Hop fans, are you aware that form of “music” supports a criminal way of life?

Rape, drug dealing, abuse, prostitution, and murder. Real Rick Ross is right in that the genre has taken over the world. It has taken over the world by promoting the kind of violence that can be equated to terrorism.

It is an embarrassment that our POTUS allowed the filth of Rapper Ross to set foot in the White House.

We all need to thank the Real Rick Ross for what he is doing, and we hope and pray he continues to capture the attention and minds of our youth and point them to a better path. Lord knows he can speak to walking down the wrong one for a very long time.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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