It seems that progressives have finally uncovered the “Holy Grail” the secret, the motive behind McDonald's offering of its Egg McMuffin and McGriddle connoisseurs from coast to coast, from breakfast to closing beginning in October…and the secret is capitalism.

In short McDonald is in business to make money, lots and lots of money, with products consumers apparently love and that seems to be puzzling for those liberals that believe a $15 per hour minimum wage will in fact improve the standard of living for those employed, while in truth MacDonald's has already set into production cost saving objectives, long before the mandated $15.00 minimum wage actually becomes effective, in Los Angeles in 2020, and in Seattle in 2021.

And perhaps that why liberals at posted a silly and quite frankly stupid response to McDonald’s announcement of increasing the availability of its product line, to its customers, and warning that the restaurant chain’s decision to expand its menu options could stem from that “evil” thing called capitalism.

And of course someone responded to the foolish Tweet by sending out a ‘Labor Day” wish from McDonald’s workers whose minimum wage never goes up.

The reality is that progressive legislators have done more harm in their meddling and attempt to force private industries to comply with an unrealistic approach to what business across the country struggle with on a daily basis, “profit and loss”, something that government bureaucrats, know nothing about.

h/t: BPR

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