This seems simple enough. If you attempt to take part in Jihadi terrorist activities, you will be stripped of your citizenship. Period. No matter if you live in Australia or reside elsewhere.

Via proposed changes to the Australian Citizen Act of 2007, and so as to provide for enhanced security protection for citizens, this will allow the government the ability to revoke the dual citizenship of those who have been naturalized, that decide to partake in the insanity of the jihad raging in Middle East and creeping ever outward toward western civilization(s).

Seventy-five percent of the Australian voting populace supports this! That is phenomenal, and speaks to how seriously the Australians are viewing this notion of home-grown/semi-home-grown terrorism.  (Would that our own government be so benevolent to take the threat of ISIS and their maniacal jihad as seriously.)  In a voter-block break-down, over three-fourths of supporters were conservatives (parties unknown, but referenced as Prime Minister Abott's coalition), two-thirds of Labor Party affiliation, and just shy of half were of the Green party persuasion.  Twenty-one percent were opposed (for reason unknown and likely stupid), and four percent were the proverbial un-decided fence-sitters.

These past eight months alone has seen Australia intercept, and remove from international flights, 267 suspected pro-Jihad individuals, with 18 of them in two weeks this past April, alone.  That is over one a day.  God knows how many we are missing or flat-out ignoring vis-a-vis our fear of faux-fending someone boarding a flight.  No, our government is far too busy finding ways to appease organizations like CAIR and making sure to remind everyone that Islam is the religion of "Peace" (or "pieces" it would seem as they have fondness for animalistic dismemberment of their enemies), to be bothered with actually performing their constitutional duties of protecting the homeland.

Well done Australia and here is to hoping that the Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence and Security concurs with your assessment of how to handle turn-coats.

h/t: Breitbart

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