Glenn Straub. People of Atlantic City… you better get used to the name, recognize it, be prepared to lobby against this leach and his latest and greatest plan for his ill-conceived failure of a commercial development; Revel Casino.

The casino is closed and Straub has rolled around several iterations of what to do with his colossal investment; school for the gifted, water park equestrian center, you name it and he has probably considered it. Now, however, Straub has hit the jackpot! He will be attempting to pay for his latest plan with tax money. What is this plan of his?

To house Syrian refugees! This is nothing more than a very transparent ploy by Straub to pass the buck when it comes to recouping his retarded $82-Million investment. A deal that has him saddled with lawsuits ranging the gamut of former tenants to taxes. He even managed to get the state’s Department of Community Affairs to order a private business to provide his building with power! He is a millionaire welfare-rat.

Don’t for a second believe his seemingly kind-hearted and compassionate reasoning;

"We treat our dogs better than we treat the Syrians right now," he said. "If the government wanted to house Syrian refugees, I'd give them use of the building and let them put those people there.”

As long as he gets paid, via you and me. To top it off, the federal government is expressing interest! They would consider allowing our nation, and the economy of Atlantic City, to continue to crumble yet bring the likes of the disgusting refugees we’ve seen scurrying like rats and cockroaches all over Europe, laying waste to their host nations, into your back yard and subsidize it with Americans’ money.

Our FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, WHO FORGETS THEY WORK FOR US, is the biggest welfare recipient and embezzler in our nation. They do not care about their employers, the American people, and are so blatantly pro-Islam and anti-American that they are willing to not uphold the US Constitution, protecting our nation’s welfare (meaning health, safety, and security), and are open to making us pay to endanger ourselves!

Where in the heck is Governor Chris Christie? If he wants to lead the nation as president, he can start by demonstrating presidential leadership in his own state!


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