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It should come as no surprise to most common sense and critical thinking American’s that a majority of us, support our Second Amendment right.

That “inalienable right” to protect ourselves and our loved ones, and it’s within that context that Atlanta business owner Lance Toland is “requiring” all of his employees to get concealed carry permits and then plans to give each guns once they have the permits in hand.

Toland’s business is in the aviation insurance field. He said he made the decision to require concealed permits in light of a recent increase in “home invasions and violent crime in the Atlanta metro area.”

According to news reports, Toland grew concerned “for his employees’ safety,” most of who are women scattered throughout three different office locations.

Toland said, “They all had their conceal carry permit within three to four weeks of me announcing that this was something you had to do.”

Once they received their permit Toland gave each a handgun to keep on their person or at the desk at which they sit.

Do you agree with Lance Toland's decision to have all employees carrying a weapon for self-defense?

h/t: Breitbart



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