As the countdown to the November election enters the final month, Wikileaks’s founder Julian Assange made good on his promise of an “October surprise” game-changing revelation about Democrat presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton.

The long-anticipated announcement, however, was the surprise as the Assange cancelled the expected “document dump” just 48-hours before it was due.

The one-sentence Facebook post stated that change in plans was due to “security concerns” without adding further explanation.

Although Assange specifically used the word “cancelled,” rather than “postponed,” there are five weeks remaining for a document dump that would impact the presidential election.

Last month, Assange told ITV that the revelation would “provide enough evidence” for Clinton to face arrest, noting that he had “accumulated a lot of material about Hillary Clinton” in the process of finding and publishing more than 30,000 emails from the former Secretary of State’s secret server.

The Wikileaks’ founder told FOX News’s Megyn Kelly much the same thing, saying that the damaging documents were “significant,” raising the hopes of Donald Trump supporters who hoped the “October surprise” would deal a deathblow to Clinton’s candidacy.

Conspiracy theories immediately sprang up on social media after the release of the oddly worded announcement, with many focusing on the unspecified security “concerns,” and noting that Assange’s living quarters at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he has been living under a grant of asylum for four years, were breached when a man scaled the walls in the early-morning hours of August 22.

Assange and many of his supporters claim he is in physical danger because of the threat he poses to Clinton’s candidacy, pointing to an outburst by liberal Bob Beckel on television when he said, “someone should shoot the son of a b*&^%.”

In July, just days before the Democrat convention got under way in Philadelphia, a DNC staff member, Seth Rich, was found dead in an alley in Washington fueling rumors that he was murdered after leaking documents to Wikileaks.

Those documents exposed DNC staff plotting to undermine the candidacy of Clinton challenger Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and led to the resignation of chair Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

It remains to be seen if that July surprise is, in fact, the last one of the election.



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