Jon McNaughton is a man of undisputed artistic talent. He is also asking some bold questions, starting in his current video with, "Is the world a safer place since Obama was made President of the United States?"

It's a fair question that will produce different results based on the political mentality of the mind that hears it. A Conservative Republican will certainly say no, and with verifiable facts to back it up. A Liberal Democrat will work very hard to prove otherwise. The vision that resides within the mental theater of Jon McNaughton has already answered his own question, as expressed with his paint brush.

Obamas Foreign Policy

The controversial picture of Obama playing golf with a nuke going off in the background is not hyperbole in today's political landscape. The artist speaks truthfully when stating that Obama has enjoyed more than 200 golfing rounds since he took office, which the President has been criticized for in the past.

No matter what side of the fence any American sits upon, Obama is currently in charge of the world's most technological military force. As Commander-In-Chief, his primary job is to protect our country. Unfortunately, the painting hits the issue in a sensitive spot, using a daily fact as a point of reference for Obama's true intent. The President would rather play a game than to face problems head on, ignoring America's enemies to the point of political suicide.

The new painting being featured in the video is aptly named 'Obama's Foreign Policy' but it isn't the only picture this well-educated American has created with his talents. You'll also notice in the examples provided that this isn't the first time President Obama is also the subject of his colorful oils.

Obama Burns Constitution

As for the accuracy, I'm applauding the imagery. Obama has studied the US Constitution, even taught about it in a University setting. What this means is that Obama knows exactly how bad he's being to his own country, on purpose and without remorse.

Wake Up AmericaJon McNaughton has also created a 2015 calendar featuring his work. Impressive though not subtle, we can only hope the message is heard in time to reverse the political damage.

Patriotic Oil Painting


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