As the civilized world looks on with increasing horror with every new atrocity being committed in the name of Islam in the European countries that welcomed in hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees – along with radicalized ISIS supporters, from Syria, many wondered when the people would take action.

Last week was that moment when Germans reached the boiling point and stood up for themselves, their homeland and their families.

Reports of sexual assaults carried out in public on women celebrating New Year’s Eve in the German city of Cologne shocked the country, but revelations that the government pressured police to downplay the number and seriousness of the attacks, as well as delete all references to descriptions of the perpetrators as North African by victims and witnesses infuriated German citizens and moved them to action.


A crowd of nearly 2,000 described by local authorities as a “rogue band of bikers, hooligans and bouncers,” used social media to coordinate an attack on a group of Pakistanis in Cologne as revenge and to send a message to the Muslim migrants.

Police reported that the “vigilante” gang put two of the Pakistani men in the hospital in the revenge attack that took place near the city center where the New Year’s Eve sex attacks on German women took place.

Germany, Belgium, France and Sweden are experiencing the consequences of unchecked immigration policies that have depleted social services with the provision of food, housing and medical care to the refugees who have brought disease, as well as cultural and ethnic values and practices that clash, sometimes violently, with the West.

At most risk are women who are viewed by many Muslim men as “fair game” for sexual gratification, especially when they dress or act in ways deemed to be immoral according to the strict interpretation of the Islamic faith, as in the case of a French woman and her three young daughters who were slashed and stabbed by a Muslim because the little girls wore shorts.

Do you agree with how these bikers handled this situation?

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