In light of the recent revelations of Clinton operatives paying thugs to use strong-armed tactics, in assaulting Trump supporters this latest response from Hillary herself to Trump’s warning that if elected he would appoint a special prosecutor is perhaps the funniest line to come out of this election cycle.

Moreover her retort at Trumps announcement stating; “We don’t do that in America, we actually have laws, and courts and an independent judiciary.”

Is enough to make the strongest conservative simply curl up in a fetal position, hoping to wake up from the continued nightmare known as progressivism

No doubt Hillary with a little help from her friends, namely the Obama Administration, the Justice Department and the FBI has stayed clear of being indicted for her numerous and serious crimes, and much like Mafia kingpin John Gotti who was nicknamed the “Teflon Don” for his ability to stay out of prison, Hillary has enjoyed that same immunity, so far.

However hiring thugs to assault innocent bystanders at a Trump rally, if proven can be the beginning of the end for the Obama/Clinton gang, in that eventually that Chicago mindset may actually catch up to you.

Remarkably all of the WikiLeaks emails, the pay for play donations, the bribes, the tragedy of Benghazi, the selling of political access, hasn’t brought Hillary down, and perhaps an undercover video of Hillary somehow implicated in the beat down of Trump supporters with just weeks to go before election day, may in fact just do the trick for those yet undecided voters.

Can it be that the Teflon has finally worn thin?

Check out some of the outrage being expressed on social media over Hillary's arrogance...



Clinton has already been given a free pass:


and one person brought up the worst case scenario for America:


Do you think Hillary is flat out wrong about criminal justice in America?

Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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