It seems every time a madman attacks innocent people, whether on a college campus in Oregon, or on a train in France, if there’s a veteran on the scene, odds are that vet will attempt to save lives, this time in Illinois as yet another veteran risked his own life to save others.

Army veteran James Vernon, 75 fought off a 19-year old knife-wielding loon, who allegedly planned to kill children in a Morton, Illinois, library.

James Vernon

The crazed man named Dustin Brown was holding two knives as he entered the Morton Public Library yelling “I’m going to  kill some people!”

Vernon who was teaching a chess class to 16 children, upon seeing the crazed man immediately told the children to hide under tables and he stood to face Brown.

“I gave the children the cue to get the heck out of there, and, boy, they did that!” Vernon said. “Quick, like rabbits.”

Vernon studied Brown’s movements as he was trained to do half a century ago in the Army, saying;

“I knew he was right-handed, he was whittling on his left arm ... making small cuts."

If an attack came from Brown, he said, “I knew which hand it was coming from.”

And Brown did attack, slashing at Vernon and cutting him on the arm, however this 75-year old army vet wasn't going down without a fight, and fight he did!

Vernon said he was “bleeding pretty good” but managed to win his “90 seconds of combat,” and held Brown down until police arrived.

The veteran is recuperating from cuts to two arteries and a tendon on his left hand

Source: Opposing Views

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