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“The Russians don’t do many things well, but they have been subverting, destabilizing, invading and conquering their neighbors since Peter the Great. And what’s our response? A small unit of light-armored trucks,” this according to retired Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor.

The “small unit” Macgregor references, is the man “Dragoon Crossing” to demonstrate, “operational freedom of maneuver across Eastern Europe,” said Army Colonel John V. Meyer, III.

Hah! Says, Colonel Macgregor; “This Stryker parade won’t fool anyone in Moscow.”

Macgregor, an Iraq war veteran is not mincing words. We would be defeated in an altercation with Russia.

Actually, it’s worse, “Defeated isn’t the right word,” says the colonel, who goes on to add, “The right word in annihilated.”

This premise is based on the very obvious destruction of American’s will and military might at the hands of the anti-military president and Commanding Officer in the White House; Barack Hussein Obama.

It’s doubtful very many of us disagree, which is tragic.


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