You could say De'Carlo Jackson wasn't exactly the most successful of wannabe criminals in Cleveland, Ohio.

Since 2012, Jackson had been convicted three times for "attempted" drug trafficking.

Still, Jackson persisted in his alleged criminal ways.

On Sept. 6, Jackson was gunned down with a gun in his hand while trying to rob a Cleveland Taco Bell along with an accomplice, who escaped unharmed.

Police said the two masked robbers entered the restaurant at 2:45 a.m. and demanded employees to get on the floor. As the two went for the cash register, three employees pulled out handguns and started shooting.

Jackson had been shot six times before he died on his way to the hospital, police said.

A spokesperson for Taco Bell told WJW that the location is a franchise store, and gun policy is at the discretion of the owner," WGNTV reported.

"Police continue to investigate and it's not yet clear whether or not the employees will face any charges in the shooting. No arrests had been made as of Thursday afternoon," according to the news station.

Taco Bell has released a statement following the incident:

“Taco Bell and Sigma Bell, LLC., the franchise owner of this Cleveland, Ohio location, are shocked this happened at the restaurant,” the statement said. “Our franchisee is fully cooperating with the Cleveland Police Department in their investigation. The employees are very shaken up from today’s events, and our franchisee is offering them counseling.”

Chalk it up to one more tragic end for another urban thug who made bad choices and mistakes throughout his life.

His last mistake that proved fatal was to assume Taco Bell employees wouldn't be packing heat, never mind hot sauce.

Do you support employees of businesses located in high-crime areas should carry firearms in self-defense?

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