In a recent robbery in Alabama, an 18-year-old black male was holding a Family Dollar store employee at gunpoint when a Good Samaritan entered the scene and shot him. The man's family, however, is outraged at the Good Samaritan's actions.

Adric White, a man who had previously been charged with robbery, was in the middle of a robbery at Family Dollar when an unnamed Good Samaritan entered the store and saw what was happening.

The Good Samaritan pulled out his own gun, which he carried legally with a concealed-carry permit, and told White to put away the gun. Instead of complying, White wheeled around and the Good Samaritan opened fire, hitting white 5 times.

But White's family is getting involved in the case and they're saying that the Good Samaritan had no business entering the store and engaging their son.

One female relative told a local TV station that, "If [the Good Samaritan] wasn't in danger, if no one was pointing the gun at him, what gives him the right to think that it's okay to just shoot someone."

Really? We're now questioning the right of someone who walks in on an armed robbery to stand up for the safety and freedom of those in danger?

This Good Samaritan did exactly what he should have and it's unfortunate that some people can't see that.

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