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While on a commuter light-rail in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Pisgat Ze’eve, a 25-year old security guard was jumped by pair of Palestinian terrorists, aged 11 and 14-years old.

In the video clip you see the boys attack the guard and stab him repeatedly.

The guard pulls his firearm and after warning the boys to stop, he ended up shooting the 11-year old in the gut.

When the trolley came to a stop, the 14-year old attempted to flee.

He had his butt handed to him by passengers who pulled him back on the train and detained him until authorities arrived.

The security guard was transferred to a hospital as was little Jihad-Johnny.

This is the nightmare that Israel lives with.

They never know when or in what form a terrorist will attack.

Sometimes, they come in the form of the Jihadis’ sacrificial lambs; their own children. Sickening.

Source: Mad World News


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