The suspect was lucky...

When the armed intruder chose to invade the Humphrey family home in West Sacramento, California one Monday morning, he didn’t expect the family dog would instantly alert his humans or count on their determination to protect their children from whatever maliciousness he had in mind.

Nor did he expect them to have a weapon on hand to defend themselves and their home – and their willingness to use it.

A tearful Audra Humphrey told a local Sacramento news station, “The dog was barking so differently and was making weird noise, I knew something wasn’t right. He ran right through the door and was charging and that’s when I yelled for my husband.”

Audra didn’t wait to find out why the stranger had run into her home. “I don’t know what his intentions were, I was so worried about my family.”

The Humphreys barricaded themselves in a room, throwing their weight against the door to keep the intruder out, and Brandon let the intruder know they were not going to become victims.

“I yelled at him and told him to leave and that I was armed,” Brandon Humphrey said later, adding that his choice of language was far less polite than that.

After a period of silence, Brandon left the room and did an armed search of the house, finding the intruder hiding in backyard while his wife called 911.

“I saw him crouched in the bushes, and I told him to face down and not to move until the police got here.”

The suspect was taken into custody and is currently undergoing a mental health evaluation, will be relieved when he learns that the couple told police, “We just acted out of instinct. We were going to do everything we could to protect our little boy and girl.”

That presumably includes using the family firearm they keep, but never thought they would have to use.

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