It seems that the French have finally gotten the memo; they’re at “war with radical Islamic extremists” and nothing should be taken for granted!

If anything the recent series of terrorist attacks within France, this last year should strengthen their resolve in preempting those attacks when possible.

And one way to preempt those attacks is to simply profile those individuals who may pose a danger to the commonwealth.

Recently French officials banned the wearing of certain Muslim garb, in particular the burkini, which apparently some within the Muslim community are ignoring.

In a recent incident French police confronted a Muslim woman “sunbathing” (I’m not sure how that works), on a beach in Nice, the same general area where a crazed terrorist used a truck as a weapon to murder over 80-innocent people watching a fireworks display.

The police armed with pepper spray ordered the woman to remove the burkini, which she did.

Another Muslim woman was ordered off the beach at Cannes and fined for wearing a traditional Muslim headscarf.

Of course the woman called the police “racist” who simply wanted to humiliate her in front of her children, the fact that she refused to comply with a lawful decree during a time of “war” is in fact the real issue, in that during WWII, many Japanese/Americans including Italian/Americans were detained and treated suspiciously, and some were even interned in holding camps until the end of the war, which no doubt is extremely harsh compared to complying to a dress code.

There’s little doubt that when you’re covered from head to toe, the likelihood of hiding explosives and weapons under those garments raises the threat level considerably.

Do you think police are justified in taking these actions to help protect citizens from Muslim extremism?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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