The left would like you to believe that guns are never good, they never protect, and that they only kill innocent people. Walter Gonzalez of Winder, Georgia and Salvador Burgos would probably disagree, since it was Burgos's .40 caliber Glock that saved their lives.

WFSB 3 Connecticut

Gonzalez had an English Bulldog puppy that he wanted to sell, so he posted an ad on Craigslist. That's when he was contacted by an unnamed man to make a deal. The man asked Gonzalez to meet outside a home in DeKalb, GA just after midnight. Gonzalez thought it was odd, but he was drawn in by an extra $500 on top of his asking price. He agreed to the meeting and he brought his friend, Salvador Burgos, with him.

Gonzalez and Burgos pulled up to the home and saw two men standing in the driveway, according to the police report obtained by Bearing Arms, "Mr. Gonzalez got out of the vehicle and met with the suspect near the vehicle. After Mr. Gonzalez showed the suspect the dog, the suspect drew his weapon on him. Mr. Burgos stated that as he moved over from the driver’s side to the passenger side of the vehicle, he drew his firearm and fired upon the suspect."

The men told police they fled the scene because they were fearful that the other man might try to attack them.

Police suspect the robber was involved in four other Craigslist robberies, including one the day before that also involved an English Bulldog puppy. Police are also investigating the double homicide of Bud and June Runion, and couple that was shopping for a car via Craigslist, their bodies were found after being shot.

Who knows what would have happened to Gonzalez and Burgos if they hadn't been able to protect themselves with a gun.


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