Tax season is approaching and, as a result, many Americans are keeping a closer eye on how the federal government is using its funds. Regulating bake sale goods, according to Michelle Obama’s ridiculous nutrition reform qualifies as a supremely bad use of our taxes.

So when the Arizona superintendent of public instruction Diane Douglas gave all public and charter schools in the state of Arizona carte blanche to ignore federal nutrition guidelines for fundraisers, it’s a big step forward in pushing back against government overreach.

“Forcing parents and other supporters of schools to only offer federally approved food and snacks at fund-raisers is a perfect example of the overreach of government and intrusion into local control,” said Douglas in a press release.

She’s exactly right. To begin with, imposing nation-wide regulations isn’t in the purview of the First Lady. Sorry, Michelle, but you should leave the lawmaking to the people who were elected to do that.

Secondly, doesn’t it strike you as ridiculous that the federal government cares about what students and parents are selling at bake sales? Shouldn’t they be worried about—oh, say ISIS, or poverty, or the Iranian nuclear treaty that looks to be heading south in a bad way.

I understand that nation-wide health is declining and obesity and other preventable, nutrition and exercise-related issues are rising. I think America is plodding down the road of understanding that health is an important issue. We’ll get there.

But regulating what students purchase at bake sales isn’t going to do anything to change overall health. At most, this overreaching regulation will stop a few kids from eating an extra brownie after school.

But it’s the principal of the overreach that is most alarming. That the federal government thinks that it has the right to reach that far into our children’s lives, and our lives, is a foreboding thought. If they think they can regulate bake sales, what don’t they think they can regulate?

The full text of Douglas’s statement can be found online here.


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