Proud protesters didn’t cover their faces when they marched for civil rights in Selma.

Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t hide behind a mask, nor did Rosa Parks, or Nelson Mandela.

The suffragettes who led the way for an amendment giving women the right to vote were arrested, jailed and force-fed before trial, but they never hid their identities.

The anti-war protesters of the 1960s, some of whom were beaten, even killed, weren’t afraid of recognition.

People who are proud of what they are doing don’t feel the need to hide behind bandanas.

The people that have done that have been those who are ashamed and afraid like the Ku Klux Klan, common bandits and outlaws from the old West.

But members of the so-called “Antifa,” a far left group known for disrupting free speech events and creating violence, are easily recognizable – not by their individual faces and features, but by the signature use of black clothing and black coverings over their faces.

While there is no official organization or leadership of the group that takes its name, ironically, as a form of “anti-fascist,” it is virulently anti-Trump and believes in taking any steps it deems necessary to quash opinions it opposes.

Innocent civilians, working journalists, military veterans and police officers were attacked in Berkeley at the University of California campus when the anti-fa group attacked a prayer event.

The actions were so outrageous that Democrat Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who represents San Francisco, made a statement publically disavowing them.

The Independent Journal Review has taken free speech a step farther by publishing the bandana-free mug shots of the anti-fa members who were arrested at the Berkeley event.

Many teary, sad-faced members of the violent group stared into the police camera with blood-shot eyes and pouting lips, while others attempted to adopt a resigned expression.

Thuggish behavior, assaults on innocent civilians exercising their First Amendment rights to assembly and speech, destruction of private and public property, violence toward veterans and law enforcement officers trying to protect the peace are not protected rights.

They are crimes against persons and property.

Now the mug shots of the perpetrators are on the Internet for all to see and they have nothing left to hide behind.

Not exactly a moment of pride for the disgruntled anarchists.

Why do you believe the so-called anti-fa group hides their faces behind black bandanas when they gather to disrupt free speech events?

Source: ijr

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