Passions always seem to run high at a Trump rally, and that’s a good thing, in that it shows that Trump supporters are engaged in the political process. However equally passionate are those anti-Trump forces that usually seem unable to distinguish between peaceful protest and physical confrontation.

This once again proved to be a mistake for one anti-Trump demonstrator in front of a Holiday Inn complex in Janesville, in Wisconsin on Tuesday, where Donald Trump was set to host a town hall event.

As usual the anti-Trump crowd was there to harass and intimidate those Trump supporters waiting to get into the venue to hear and see Trump.

The brief video footage shows both sides converging into one another, as a young belligerent and quite agitated protester yells at an elderly Trump supporter and then suddenly sucker punching him in the face, however this senior citizen came well prepared and within a flash returned the compliment with a burst of pepper spray, that had the woman retreating back into the crowd…I’m sure to use a slogan from Ol Bernie…she’s no doubt “feeling the burn!”

However one can only wonder and perhaps surmise why there wasn’t a more robust police presence (listening Governor Walker) as a buffer between the two opposing groups?


Moreover Trump Supporters seldom go out of their way to protest another candidate, let alone act like thugs disrupting someone else’s venue…however much like “The Donald”, if you foolishly sucker punch a Trump supporter, be prepared to go to war!

Do you think this Trump protester belongs in jail for this unprovoked attack?

Sound off in the comments below.

h/t: Young Cons



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