“You really want the Mexicans to really, really stir, really get mad? Y’all don’t understand — we aren’t the minority anymore. We own Texas. Texas is Mexican-made. I’m five generations deep right here.”

“You think the Hispanics are going to sit back and let these people come and take our parents away? … I’ve never called y’all crackers or nothing like that until this time.”

Good God! Shut Up!

We are all so tired of people like you. Why is it the idiots among us are the only ones that get the air time? From the presidential candidates (Bernie), right down to this white-t-shirt-wearing wannabe-cholo-gangbanger.

His beef is that, if Trump gets elected, all the illegals that “already got families and kids that are here,” are gonna get the boot. He says that Hispanics won’t, “sit back and let these people come and take our parents away.”

First, of all, it isn’t our fault your folks broke the law. Second, it isn’t gonna happen overnight, or within a two-decades, everyone with half a brain knows that. Third, most folks realize rounding up 11-Million people en-masse is a pipe dream.

Think about it. We are talking about the government that can’t do anything right, not even the Postal Service.

The most intellectually stimulating thing Rodriguez had to say came in the form of a linguistic puzzle, when speaking to a Trump-ite, he said,

“All it takes is one of y’all to speak for all of y’all — and Trump is doing the speaking for y’all. So don’t come and try to speak for yourself when Trump is speaking for y’all.”

Have no fear Rodriguez. Trump is a smart man. Chances are he will offer y’all a bit above minimum wage to build the wall for him….with y’all standing on the other side of it during construction. Y’all see how that’s gonna work?

Being the takers y’all illegals are, ya’ll will jump at the chance to steal a job Americans would be willing to do.

So if we can save ourselves the sweat, and put it on y’alls’ back, and lose ourselves of idiots like you at the same time, fine. Since you are speaking for y’all, you can relay the message that we-all is okay with you building y’all a wall. Ya Tard.

Source: Mad World News


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