There are a lot of stupid things in this world that we could tell you about. But we'll keep the list short and simply tell you about one hair-brained slogan that someone looks to have cooked up to stop Trump's rapid rise in the polls.

The movement is an anti-Trump campaign that runs under the title "Make America Mexico Again" and it's run by people who think that the idea of Donald Trump as a president is more ridiculous than the idea that America should be "Mexico Again."

Journalists and attendees of anti-Trump rallies have noticed an increase in the number of Mexican flags present, as well as an increase in the number of people sporting "Make America Mexico Again" t-shirts, hats, and posters.

The most ridiculous part of the movement may be the fact that only a small part of the United States ever belonged to Mexico, and that part for only a few decades in the 1800s.

It seems that one of the proponents behind the movement may actually be a member of the Obama Administration. Cecilia Munoz was hired by Obama to be the director of his Domestic Policy Council. Munoz may be qualified in some regards, but she's also a proponent of open borders, something which is even more ridiculous than making America more like Mexico.

If the U.S. were to adopt open borders, it wouldn't be a month before people from around the world swarmed and mobbed our society in order to take advantage of free healthcare, free education, and a myriad of other appealing benefits.

Open borders, becoming more like Mexico, it's absurd what people think will benefit this country. Have they ever sat down and compared lifestyles in America versus the lifestyle that people live in Mexico?

Trump doesn't need to be afraid of these people. If making America more like Mexico is the best idea they can come up with he has nothing to fear.

h/t: 100 Percent Fed Up

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