Ever wonder how absolutely out of touch anti-gun nuts are with the very thing they want to ban? Wonder no further, as Rejina Sincic just put out a PSA that will make New York's gun policy seem sane.

Sincic, who goes by the name 'Queen Sincic' to her followers, put a video out that not only shows everything a responsible gun owner would never allow but anything a person with any common sense would avoid. She has a young teen walk past his mother (who is reading the paper) and enter her room. He then goes into her dresser drawer and finds an unlocked gun (no safe or gun lock) covered up by one of his mother's blouses.

Yes, the only thing that stands between an apparently loaded gun and a teenage boy are his mother's silk tops. I'm not sure where Sincic got her information from, but most gun owners fully support a safe and a gun lock for the weapon--not stuffing a loaded weapon into your underwear drawer.

The PSA gets weirder as the kid stuffs the gun into his backpack and goes to school. Yes, the anti-gun PSA just showed kids they should shove their mother's gun into their backpack, get on the school bus, and put the gun next to your lunch in your desk. This is dangerous to show kids. The gun wouldn't pass a security check in some schools and it has no place in a child's hands at school. I am a bit puzzled how the kid kept a loaded gun hidden from his teacher and friends for most of the school day while it rested near his lunch bag.

After all of the kids go to lunch, the teen then gets up and walks to his teacher. He pulls the loaded gun out of the bag, points it at her, and then slams the gun (still pointed at her) down on the desk. His message? 'I don't want this at my house.'

At what point would this PSA resemble anything real? At what point did 'Queen' Sincic do research on how guns are kept in homes or even the policy of bringing a loaded weapon to school. Her message is for the kids to sneak into their parent's bedroom, smuggle the loaded gun out in a school bag, and then give it to their teacher to dispose of. Except that would, in reality, have the kid expelled for school, given a weapons charge, and most likely shot either by himself for handling the gun so recklessly or by security. Not to mention the poor teacher whose job really is no where near 'gun disposal unit'.

Not only does the PSA miss the mark, but it is so far off from reality it is more of a liability that will cause damage when people try this out than a method of intelligent discourse. Then again, what else would we expect from a self-appointed liberal 'Queen'?

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