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One would imagine that if you’re a big name celebrity like Beyoncé, the last thing you would do is disrespect those that are tasked with protecting your life, however that’s exactly what this woman did, and now she’s apparently paying the price for her anti-cop nonsense

Police in Pittsburgh are now refusing to work the Beyoncé concert, and in response the city is now threatening to force officers to work the concert which is seen as extra income and not mandatory.

FOP President Robert Swartzwelder said Friday that he is not taking a position on Beyoncé's concert, and the union is not calling for a boycott; rather, officers are posting on the police union's website saying that no one should work the show.

“If the city compels police officers to work secondary employment again, it is further demonstration that the city is managing its fiscal responsibility on the backs of its police officers,” said Swartzwelder, referring to when he said city officers were forced to work the Pittsburgh Marathon."

City police officers who believe Beyoncé is anti-police, are planning to boycott the singer’s May 31 concert at Heinz Field, and the union said it will file a labor complaint if the city forces them to work the secondary employment.

Apparently big name celebrities like Beyoncé seem to think that you can simply disrespect those that put their lives on the line each and every day to ensure public safety and then simply because you’re name is BEYONCÉ all is forgiven, perhaps she should walk in their shoes for a day.


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