Retail giant Target is suffering another publicity nightmare as the inevitable and widely predicted consequences of its decision to allow men who identify as women to use the women’s restrooms and dressing rooms at the retail store.

This time, police in Idaho arrested a 43-year-old man, Sean Patrick Smith, for voyeurism in the women’s dressing room of a Target, after he reached over a partition and used a cellphone to photograph a woman trying on clothing.

Smith, who claims he is Shauna Patricia Smith and says he is a transgender woman, ran from the store after he was confronted by the victim, and was arrested after police reviewed security footage.

Witnesses who recognized Smith identified him as a man.

In April, Target publicly announced an open access restroom policy, following President Obama’s decree that bathroom access should be governed by how a person “feels,” rather than by physical sex, and the backlash from the decision has been swift – and costly.

The American Family Association launched an online petition to boycott the discount chain due to the politically correct bathroom policy, which they said gives predators easy access to girls and women in areas they naturally expect to be private.

Within days, the petition had garnered 1.2 million signatures causing Target stock to dive

Although Target executives said the boycott was not making a “significant difference” blaming the losses on bad weather during the spring and “volatility in the market,” the company’s chief financial officer, Cathy Smith, told reporters that there had been a “noticeable slowdown post-Easter.”

In fact, Target’s stock fell 20 percent — from $84 per share to $67 per share — within weeks after announcing its pro-transgender bathroom policy, a loss of approximately $10 billion to its shareholder value.

The Idaho victim chased Smith through the store and into the parking lot, yelling, “Stop that man! Stop him!”

Smith, who is listed as “male” on the jail roster, faces up to five years if convicted.

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