Welfare reform is one of the least popular items of public policy discussion, especially when liberals get involved in the discussion. However, with growing debt and shrinking revenue, the United States needs to get real about welfare reform.

Luckily, there are a handful of states which are putting brave legislation in place that attacks some of the welfare recipients in America that are riding the wave of handout to handout.

In Pennsylvania, citizens who are on SNAP food stamps but aren't working, disabled or staying at home with small children would lose access to benefits. SNAP food stamp beneficiaries have historically had a work requirement in place since the program started in 1996; however, almost all states have lifted that restriction amidst the hardships of the recession.

Now, though, with working numbers and the economy on the rise, states with thousands of SNAP beneficiaries are changing the rules back to the original status.

That means that, in order to continue to qualify for food stamps, beneficiaries who aren't disabled or the caregiver for small children need to start working or looking for work.

The ways that someone can qualify as "working" are quite expansive, actually, though many liberals are crying foul. To qualify, all someone has to do is work 20 hours a week, volunteer for the same 20 hours weekly, or attend career or work training for the 20 hours.

Ed Bolen, a liberal policymaker who has spoken out against the welfare reform, calls it a bad decision. "It’s not a work requirement that helps people get work," he said.

Bolen, however, discounts the power of incentives to get people to change. If welfare recipients are challenged and pushed by their own needs, it is likely that they will rise out of their poverty and at least meet the volunteer or training requirement.

That's the major difference between the conservative and liberal mindsets. The liberals believe that people need the handouts, that they can't exist without them. Conservatives, however, know that the power to change lies within everyone. It just has to have an opportunity to show itself.

h/t: Liberty First News

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