Governor Scott Walker (Republican) of Wisconsin wants to test welfare recipients for drugs, as a requirement for receiving the benefits. He also went a little further, wanting to have state House Republicans issue a mandate for drug tests for unemployment insurance, among other state programs. Walker is also seeking direct permission from the Obama administration to test food stamp applicants, but the state lawmakers haven't written the bill yet.

Most conservatives highly suspect that Obama or any of his ilk will grant such permission, and will probably seek to block such a state law from being enforced.  After all, a young Obama certainly has experience with smoking illegal drugs... or should I use a Liberal term his administration would be happy to hear?  Okay, that was 'undocumented' drugs.  Still, I can see why he would say no to these drug tests.


Now here is the bonus. It's not just one state, but 12 more states over the current dozen that do the testing. Drug test proposals have been submitted for legislation in West Virginia, Texas, South Carolina, New York, Oregon, Montana, Mississippi, Iowa, Kentucky, Hawaii and Connecticut.

Of course, this is whipping Liberals up in a mad-dog frenzy. Tennessee is one of the states where drug testing is already in place for these programs. Out of 16,017 applicants, only 37 confirmed their drug use and failed the tests. That is about 0.23 percent that got denied hard-earned taxpayer money. Those criminals won't be getting free money, healthcare or food. If they can afford illegal drugs, believe me, they can afford to feed themselves.

The costs of drug testing isn't anything to sneeze at, either. Depending on the brand and acceptable level of accuracy, they can cost anywhere from $25 to $75 per test. Federal law forbids the cost being paid for by the applicant, so the states have to suck it up and eat those costs.

As Texas is one of the states considering drug testing, the Texas Legislative Budget Board released an estimate for a full year of implementing the program at $30,000,000. As part of this program, Texas would require that families who are seeking assistance agree to keeping their immunizations and health checks up to date, keep their children in school and work with Child Support Services if paternity was in question. A work/training program would also be required for 30 hours a week.

Mean spirited Liberals attack these programs on a regular basis. A drug testing program was passed in Florida in 2011, which lasted all of four months before a Liberal loving federal judge declared the law unconstitutional. Before it was smacked down, 2.6% of the 4,086 people who were tested came back positive.

Out of the hard-working people who lost their jobs in a hostile economy, when somebody needs help, we shouldn't turn our backs on them. The small percentage who are there to scam for drug money or anything else, those are the people we're trying to catch. We shouldn't fund somebody's drug habits with taxpayer money, it's as simple as that.

I wish Scott Walker and Wisconsin the best, because they are going to need it, along with 12 other states. Liberals are like zombies. Only they don't shamble along mumbling after brains. They attack our Constitution, our American way of life, and destroy what they can in an effort to earn low-income votes. That would be almost funny if it wasn't so damned accurate.



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