Welfare reform is finally making headway in the United States as another state has adopted the reasonable and intelligent requirements that half a dozen other states have also adopted. It's a program that has the potential to affect up to a whopping 30 percent of West Virginia's welfare recipients.

But before the liberals flood the airwaves with complaints that the West Virginia government doesn't care for poor or hard-on-their-luck people, let's get the facts straight.

West Virginia is implementing a popular program that many other states have implemented to great success. The state will require that adults without disabilities and who don't have young children at home start working towards obtaining gainful employment.

That also doesn't affect seniors, or those who live in West Virginia's most impoverished counties--counties where officials have determined that people have a small chance of gaining employment.

We hope that this program will eventually spread to all of the state, but for now this is progress.

The main bullet points of the working requirement for government assistance stipulate that someone who is receiving the Supplemental Nutrition Program (SNAP) benefits must be employed or at least working towards employment.

And don't worry, that's not even full-time employment.

Recipients must be either working part-time or enrolled in courses for job or skills training which should lead them to employment. If they're not engaged in these paths, they'll be removed from welfare assistance.

Less than 50 percent of West Virginia's potential working population is employed and that is simply an untenable situation. Government assistance only works if the people being helped are the minority, not the majority.

Thankfully, West Virginia is taking the first steps to fixing this problem by removing freeloaders from the system. If they really want to progress forward and make the state a better place to live, they have to start by solving fiscal problems like welfare reform. Good job, West Virginia! Hopefully the rest of the country is paying attention too.

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