More and more, the city of Baltimore, Maryland is looking like a war zone and a place that you would be wise to stay away from. Police are encountering some of the most hostile citizens in that area, and recently, that hostility has turned to violence against the police.

Late Thursday night, reports came out that one man and possibly others had fired upon Baltimore PD officers with an assault rifle. The shots blew in the window on a police vehicle, but no one was reported injured.

The Baltimore police are being extremely closed-mouthed about everything, but from Twitter posts from a police department spokesperson, it appears that one of the people who attacked the police cruiser was shot.

Witnesses to the shooting report that they heard "three loud shots, followed by two 'smaller' shots." Wise to the potential for danger, the witness cleared the scene as fast as they could.

The police media department then scheduled a press conference near the site of the attack at Baker Street and N. Bentalou Street. That press conference had to be postponed, though, because the scene was not secured.

Eventually investigators were given access to the area and the investigation is now underway. We'll be staying tuned in for more details.

This is another black mark against the city of Baltimore. You'll recall that this is the same city where the mayor blatantly allowed protesters access to police cars that were then destroyed and gave orders that violent protests should be allowed to run their course.

The rest of the country is now able to view the results of such actions.

Police officers, it appears, are now an endangered species in Baltimore, with open-season operating day and night.

These officers were shot at with an assault rifle. In my book that's unacceptable. Baltimore needs to step up and support its police force better than this.

h/t: Fox Baltimore

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