Kansas City is in mourning over the death of a police officer who was shot while in the line of duty. This is a tragedy that has played itself out over and over throughout the country these last few weeks and it's a tragedy that America needs to confront.

Robert Melton, a 46-year-old Kansas City police officer, was shot while investigating a drive-by shooting in Kansas City, Kansas on Tuesday. He was in critical condition when he was transferred to an ambulance and taken to the hospital, and doctors at the University of Kansas hospital pronounced him dead soon after he arrived.

Melton had responded to the drive-by shooting call and had been involved in a car chase that led to the place where he was shot. Investigators report that they have two suspects, but it's hard to tell whether or not justice will be served in this situation.

Melton's story is a tragic one and his loss is a blow to the Kansas City police force, as well as to the honor and strength of police forces everywhere.

Melton had previously served in the Kansas National Guard, and had been deployed to Afghanistan. He was currently serving in his 25th year as a member of the Kansas City PD.

Tragically, just three months ago, another officer was shot and killed while in the line of duty in Kansas City. Brad Lancaster, a police detective, was killed in Kansas City on May 9.

Police deaths this year are currently at 31, 15 more than last year's number at this same time of 16. It's tragic to think that police officers are becoming a hunted species in this country where freedom sometimes hangs on a thread and police officers are the only ones standing between us and chaos.

Our prayers go out to Officer Melton's family and his partners and co-workers. God, please bless this great country.

h/t: KansasCity.com

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