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The Vero Beach, Florida police had nothing else to do one day last week, so they evidently decided to purposely “pick on” a poor, helpless shoplifter in a mall just to be mean.

In the ultimate expression of victimhood, 26-year-old Prolancia Aquila Turner whined, “Everyone steals from this store. Why are you picking on me?” after she was detained for stealing earrings from a jewelry store.

Whereas most people faced with the consequences of a mistake like that would be upset with themselves and full of remorse, Turner was “crying and angry” according to the police, blaming them for singling her out for unfair treatment.

Turner, who has been arrested for theft on two previous occasions, was charged with retail theft for hiding the earrings in the waistband of her pants as she left the popular low-cost accessory chain store, Claire’s.

She is due in court on June 7 to answer misdemeanor charges that could, conceivably, carry a year in jail and fine of $1,000.

It is unknown if the police in the previous arrests also “picked on” the poor victim, Prolancia, unfairly, but apparently she failed to learn anything from the experiences.

The earrings at the heart of the case cost $12.50.

h/t: The Smoking Gun

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