In the town of Södertälje, Sweden, a young Muslim woman now lives in a wheelchair because her slave-master, also known as her “husband” tossed her off a 6th-floor balcony.

The culture possesses a concept of “honor killing” for the slightest infraction, or just because a guy tires of his wife.

In 2013, Syrian (shall we call him refugee?), Bobel Nahir Barqasho, was charged with the attempted murder of his now wheelchair bound, and hopefully ex-wife, and found guilty by a lower court.

An appeals court ruled counter to the lower, and the piece of filth walked, presumably because of “tolerance” for his origins, culture, and faith.

The Supreme Court, concurred with the lower court and Barqasho found himself facing 14 years in prison, when in reality, he should have been facing a 14-story fall from a balcony.

Barqasho took off and is now among the writing masses of his fellow Islamists.

Sweden, is the root of their own problems.

They have allowed this cancer to grow and spread like fire when they should have incised it long ago.

Instead the Swedish Migration Board, in open-arms to Islam, covered up the rape of a toddler.

How long will it be before the Swedes become the refugees? Will they be welcomed in around the world like the Islamists? Doubtful.

In the meantime, they need to fix their country or die trying.

Source: Mad World News


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