“All our hands went up, like: What’s with this?”

(Hoda Hiwa-Muslim Public Affairs Council)

Shockingly, the Muslims in America are offended again.

In a demonstration as to who the real puppets are, them being us, and the puppeteers of the for-now non-violent Caliphate, our government has cancelled an initiative, created by the Federal Bureau of the Investigation (FBI), called “Don’t Be a Puppet.”

Don’t Be a Puppet was supposed to be a website for the youth of America, non-Muslim and Muslim alike.

A learning place for recognizing the signs of “someone” trying to radicalize them. Since we know it’s been close to 500 years since Martin Luther nailed his list of 95 grievances with the Catholic church and Pope Leo X to a door, thereby sparking the Protestant Reformation, and there has been no word leaking out from Amish or Mennonite colonies anywhere as to an uprising, we can logically presume that the “someone” the FBI was trying to teach about is none other than a fanatical fundamentalist Sharia Law loving Islamist-otherwise known as a Caliphate endorsing Muslim Jihadist.

You know, the folks we are at war with. This was to be an effort to prevent mis-guided youth from going off to join ISIS.

Hmmm? Why would our government, under dictatorship of Herr Leader Barack Hussein Obama, want to shut down a program that would rescue endangered youth from such a path, prevent other children from treading in that direction, and in general hinder the efforts of the FBI to do their job? We will leave the supposition as to the root of the reason up to you.

On the surface, we can point to the incessant concerns of the White House and our impotent Congress, when it comes to offending the Muslims of America. Never mind the rabid offending of AMERICANS of all faiths that make up the MAJORITY of our nation.

Not to mention the other question, and that is, why wouldn’t the moderate Muslims of America want their children to learn to recognize recruitment for Jihad?

Would it possibly be, because in truth they are sympathetic to some degree with the whole notion of a Caliphate in America?

The FBI caved, by the way. The site won’t be going live anytime soon. Chalk it up to another victory for the Muslim controlled White House and federal government.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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