The Washington Post, an openly liberal newspaper that uses its ink to attack Republicans in general and Donald Trump in particular, has unexpectedly published an “op-ed” piece shedding a light not only on the violence in the anti-Trump movement, but on the unlikely constituencies that support the presumptive nominee.

As Hillary Clinton, her husband Bill Clinton, their supporters and stand-ins in Hollywood, Washington D.C., and the media seek to label Trump as a racist and homophobe, a man who by their reckoning should be in the anti-Trump camp, stepped forward to set the record straight.

Juan Hernandez is a gay, Hispanic, proud Republican and Trump supporter – and not afraid to say so.

In the piece, Hernandez described how he and a friend were attacked and beaten by anti-Trump rioters as San Jose Democrat Mayor Sam Liccardo and the city’s police held back, allowing the thugs to destroy property and assault individuals who dared attend a rally to hear a candidate talk about his policies.

Anti-Trump rioters burned American flags, chanting “F*** Trump,” waving Mexican flags, and holding signs that read: “This is Mexico.”

One woman was surrounded by angry young men and pelted with raw eggs and rotten fruit, while a 66-year-old man was sucker punched.

“My friend and I just kept walking — sometimes, we’d be running. We saw police standing nearby, but they didn’t do anything. That scared me, because I thought, ‘Okay, if I’m next, there’s going to be no cops.’”

Hernandez described the attack by four or five men. “They just started swinging. We swung back as best as we could. I can defend myself as best I can if it’s one on one — but not when they have so much anger against us.”

Hernandez took a blow to his nose, which broke it and left his shirt bloodied.

The Trump supporter who, if one were to listen to the Clintons, should hate the Republican candidate and be among the rioting thugs, says, “It was much harder to come out as a Trump supporter than it was to come out as gay. I should be able to vote for whom I want, and I shouldn’t have to deal with violence to go hear my candidate speak.”

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