Clearly reading a teleprompter off to his right, and with about as much sincerity as a con-man, President Obama gave a pro-union Labor Day speech in Boston, Massachusetts.

Naturally, he spent some time talking about himself, how he has a few gray hairs and how he “earned every one of them. “Aside from the nearly half hour of utterly laughable and self-aggrandizing droning on and on, the bigger story is the group that was not there.

The New England Police Benevolent Association (NEPBA) refused to attend. Why? Due to the fact that Obama has been nowhere to be seen or heard when it comes to the recent attacks on police officers nationwide, particularly with respect to Deputy Darren Goforth, executed in the back of the head while fueling his service vehicle in Texas.

“This is a horror show, this is an epidemic of lawless people trying to kill police officers for no apparent reasons. Case in point is the lieutenant who was pumping gas in Houston. Over 7,000 people were at that church, and where was he (Obama)? Why wasn’t he there instead of a unity breakfast?” (Jerry Flynn, President-NEPBA).

Good question? What was he praying for? What message is he trying to send? Where is his Department of Justice? Obama is certainly not sending a message of union among Americans, or attempting to calm the riotous masses.

He is definitely not sending a message of leadership by any stretch of the imagination.

No, as Flynn points out, Obama is passing up opportunities to lead and he is being irresponsible with his “deafening” silence, and it is costing police officers their lives.

He is right, and in doing so, Obama is costing the rest of us our lives too.

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