There's a reason that it's important for news organizations to be self-funded. It allows them the freedom to pursue stories that certain companies or interest groups wouldn't, and it puts the pressure on the journalists at the news organizations to put forth quality work that is important to a wide-range of customers.

But when David Brock launched a section on his website called "Trump Leaks," and offered to pay for any video or audio clips of Donald Trump making a gaffe, he took it too far.

Brock, who is a Clinton backer and founder of Correct the Record and Media Matters, has been in the news a lot for his outlandish schemes and claims. He recently met with someone who claimed to have video footage of Trump chewing out famous singer Barry Manilow. Brock met with the individual but came away empty handed.

In starting a section on his website dedicated solely to digging up dirt on Trump, though, Brock is basically calling for all-out war against conservatives and the Republican party. And he doesn't care.

"I understand the prohibition on press paying for stories, but we’re not the press," Brock said in a recent interview with NBC.

The website is currently receiving submissions from all sorts of people, but it still remains to be seen whether Brock's barely legal idea will pay off at all.

According to federal election laws, the only reason that this method of gathering sources is legal is because it can be described as a group effort centered on the internet. That's it.

Ethically, though, Democrats have to be wondering if liberals are digging up dirt on Trump, what could members of the Secret Service, news reporters and others who were close to Clinton dig up on her.

In the end, this is just the start to more and more mud-slinging and name calling. This is what American politics have come to.

h/t: Daily Caller

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