At the Trump rally in San Jose, California many Trump supporters were viciously assaulted by their 'peaceful protesting counterparts. However, new information about the police chief and his orders to fellow officers is now surfacing and frankly it is sick. What this police chief said will disgust you.

San Jose police chief, Eddie Garcia was there when the brutal attacks took place and instead of taking action and protecting the citizens that are his job to protect he gave the order to "stand down."

As a result the San Jose police followed orders and watched as the Trump supporters were attacked without provocation.

It gets worse. When Garcia began to receive heat for watching as the brawl became a bloodbath in front of his eyes, instead of admitting to his mistake he publicly defended himself.

Worse yet is that not only did Garcia defend his horrifying order but the mayor of San Jose, Sam Liccardo backed Garcia's ludicrous actions.

That's right about the time that social media got a hold of this debacle and ran with it.

Now Mayor Liccardo has been criticized by talk shows and social media. People are even calling for his resignation, and for good reason.

If the people have a mayor that supports the actions of a police chief that "stands down" when his people are being brutalized in front of him then that mayor is far from being fit to represent anyone.

Garcia claims that holding the "skirmish lines" was more important than protecting his citizens.

We are not an ‘occupying force’ and cannot reflect the chaotic tactics of the protesters,” Garcia told reporters. Unless a victim’s life was in peril or the violence was “spiraling out of control,” he said, officers held back to avoid inciting more violence and having the crowd turn on officers. He also said the 250 police weren’t enough to control the roughly 400 protesters.

However, this story has one more sinister turn in it. Garcia may have had ulterior motives for not stopping the violence.

It turns out that Garcia is a close affiliate with the radical latino group La Raza, which means the race. The same group that cad connections with Curiel, the judge sitting on the Trump University case.

A definite pattern is beginning to emerge...

Regardless, it is clear to see that part of the reason Garcia gave that sinister order clearly has something to do with his political distain for Donald Trump and if those other reasons weren't enough to kick him and the mayor out then this surely is.

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Source: Mad World News



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