The research company that has been taking the temperature of public opinion since the 1930s, charting the rise and fall of politicians, issues, and trends just released results revealing just how concerned Americans are about the direction of their country.

The latest Gallup poll found that only 17 percent of Americans are satisfied – and not merely Republicans are expressing their dissatisfaction.

Gallup analysts said the results of the poll charted a “sharp drop among Democrats, whose satisfaction levels dropped from 51 percent in June to 29 percent in July” a fall of 22 percent in one month.

That month, however, saw Islamic terror attacks at home and abroad stunning the nation and underscoring both the vulnerability of the public in its every day life and the inability of the Obama administration to effectively deal with ISIS.

The ISIS-inspired massacre at an Orlando nightclub followed by a horrifying loss of life as a Muslim man drove a truck through a crowd of families at a Bastille Day fireworks display in France set the public on edge with a fresh attack seemingly coming with increasing frequency and ferocity.

Assassinations of law enforcement officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the racial overtones of the attacks, where black snipers specifically targeted police, were mirrored in the polls’ results.

Respondents placed race relations at the top of their concerns, moving the issue from the bottom of the list to the top, with almost one in five saying it is the most important issue facing the nation.

In second place as most concerning is the government in general, largely due to Congressional gridlock, and the bitter presidential races this year pitting outsiders like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump against career politicians like Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.

Americans’ worries about jobs and the economy were third on the list of their concerns at the moment.

The overwhelming percentage of Americans who believe that a new direction is needed for the country would seem to bode well for billionaire businessman Donald Trump who turned an implausible run for the presidency to primary wins in 37 states and the Republican nomination.

The November election will reveal how willing the American voter is to take a chance on new solutions to the problems that concern them so much just one-hundred days from the day they go to the only poll that really matters.

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