For those New Yorkers (of which President Trump is one), 9/11 will always mark a personal and emotional event within their lives. A freeze-frame forever etched within their minds as relevant today as that September morn over a decade and a half ago.

This brief video clip captures the future president at Ground Zero, two days after two commercial airliners cut through those iconic landmarks, and within the blink of an orange fireball changed forever the lives of countless individuals.

Trump standing in the rubble and gray ash which defused the sunlight for countless weeks and covered over 20-square blocks of lower Manhattan in a light film of powdered dust, that irritated the eyes,  spoke of the men and woman working tirelessly within perhaps one of the largest crime scenes in America's history.

“I have hundreds of men inside working right now and we’re bringing down another 125 in a little while. They’ve never done work like this before,” Trump said. “It’s terrible.”

Trump continued: “Not only is it devastating, but it’s very dangerous because every few minutes a whistle would go off and everybody would just run because you have all the buildings around it which are in such a weakened state that people just don’t know,” he said.

The interview dated September 13th 2001 shows President Trump standing at the site which later became known as Ground Zero spoke of the tragedy and the men working within the tons of debris and ruins that was now compressed and stood approximately 7-10 floors.

The future president was asked how he personally felt at seeking this immense destruction and the New York skyline forever changed.

“It’s like a whole different city and world,” Trump said. “I cannot believe the sight of lower Manhattan without the World Trade Center. Therefore, we have to rebuild. Not necessarily in that form, but we have to rebuild, at least as good and maybe better.”

Trump then acknowledged the carnage saying “thousands and thousands of lives” lost in the terrorist attack.

Moreover, if you’re a New Yorker perhaps the most unsettling image was seeing that smoldering cloud of dark gray smoke rising from lower Manhattan months after 9/11.

Do you think President Trump should have been a part of rebuilding Ground Zero?

Source: Western Journalism




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