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Perhaps the obvious title of this article should simply have been “all in the family” as demonstrated by Taya Kyle, widow of legendary sniper Chris Kyle, Americas most lethal sniper, who apparently was well-instructed in the fine art of marksmanship.

Taya took on the reigning NRA champion in a charity shootout and won! Beating out NRA Champ Bruce Piatt and raising $500,000 for a late husband’s charity, the novice shooter notched a perfect score at the shootout competition in Mason, Texas.

Perhaps Chris was lending a helping hand as Taya made 100% of her shoots of 10, for a total 140 points.

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Taya used the computer-equipped M600 and M800 rifles with precision-guiding technology which was developed with input from her husband.

Watch the video below:

Source: Daily Mail

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