As much of the media pushes the Obama narrative that all migrants pouring out of the Middle East are families, women and children fleeing the chaos of war and religious persecution, evidence is beginning to emerge of well-intentioned and possibly naïve young American women are falling victim to violent predators who are hiding among the hundreds of thousands of migrants flooding into Europe.

Lauren Mann, a 25-year-old from Colorado had worked as a nanny in Vienna, Austria while working and attending school in the European capital for the past three years, volunteering to distribute food and blankets at train stations and migrant shelters to migrants who are referred to “asylum-seekers” in that country.

Her decision to help a Gambian man avoid deportation by allowing him to hide in her apartment, however, proved fatal, and DNA found at the scene led police to search for 24-year-old Gambian Abdou I. who was already on their radar after his conviction for sexual abuse of minors.

GPS location technology allowed the police to track Abdou I. to a refugee center in Switzerland where he was hiding among other migrants.

Mann’s murder occurred only months after American Ashley Olsen, 35, was strangled to death by a Senegalese migrant she met at a club in Italy. Cheik Tidiane Diaw, an African “asylum seeker” had entered the country illegally.

The “Refugees Welcome” group in Europe has encouraged people to open their homes to migrants without question as to their legal status or background.

Mann was found lying on a mattress near a pool of blood, but an autopsy found the cause of death to be suffocation.

Friends of Mann, who majored in French and music at the University of Colorado in Boulder, told police that she wanted to help Abdou I. avoid deportation, but did not appear to be aware of his criminal history.

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