“NATIONAL SECURITY BE DAMNED” seems to be the rallying cry among some individuals within the American Muslim community.

And although recent history has already demonstrated the carnage inflicted on both Europe and here at home by a vicious and pervasive Ideology that drives seemingly innocent Muslims into self radicalization; is now being compromised, ironically by the very same laws designed to protect America.

At the heart of the dispute is our terror watch list, and those American/Muslims being singled out, and the Council of American-Islamic Relations which has just brought a lawsuit against the US government, in which 15-American Muslims have been named in two lawsuits for placing them on the terror watch list without due process.

A statement released by Lena Masri, legal director for the Council of American-Islamic Relations, in Michigan, states;

“The terrorism watch lists are premised on the false notion that the government can somehow accurately predict whether an innocent American citizen will commit a crime in the future based on religious affiliation or First Amendment activities, our lawsuits challenge the wrongful designation of thousands upon thousands of American Muslims as known or suspected terrorists without due process.”

Moreover within the recent lawsuit filed of the 15-American Muslims, there was also a 7-month old baby, the obvious consequences of having someone on a terrorist watch list not only affects people’s ability to fly on airplanes, but also obtain licenses, a firearm, a bank account, a visa for relatives, or to wire transfer money, and conduct a normal life, argued the complaint.

Regardless however of how this administration attempts to ignore the facts, America is in a “holy war” and not of our choosing. The recent attacks in Brussels by “home grown terrorists” is certainly a VALID REASON in continuing a watch list, however a better system is needed in the screening process.

Do you think a baby has any reason to be on a terror watch list? Is there anything that would justify this?

Let us know in the comments below.


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