Yet another ISIS/ISIL supporter has been rounded up here in the homeland. Of course, it is nearly a year after he managed to recruit a ne’er-do-well terrorist wannabe, now an ISIS Jihadi, but at least he was apprehended. Ahmed Mohammed El Gammal (Jammie), of Avondale, Arizona was the middle-man in the recruitment and logistical transport of an un-named 24 year old, New York City area college student, to the ISIS training grounds somewhere in Syria, by way of Istanbul, Turkey.

El Gammal is a Jihad sympathizer who was in the habit of posting to social media his support of the ISIS terrorist network and their efforts to implement a Caliphate. His postings were seen by the un-named college student and a pen-pal like correspondence was struck up. This led to El Gammal aiding in the acquisition of travel documents and arrangements for the student to make his way to Syria in fulfillment of his goal of becoming a Jihadi. The student left for training in January of this year and was in communication with El Gammal as of May.

El Gammal was arrested on August 24th, in Avondale, and charges were filed in Manhattan.

"Individuals like Gammal who allegedly serve as facilitators for ISIL fuel the hatred and radicalization that keep terrorist organizations like ISIL alive"(Preet Bharara; US Attorney, Manhattan).

We should, of course, herald this achievement on the part of law enforcement. Of that there is no doubt. They did a fine job with respect to El Gammal and for that we should be thankful. Folks like El Gammal, and his associated freaks, need to know that the United States means business. We will hunt you down by any means necessary.

However, it cannot be overlooked that information pertaining to the 24 year old jihadi recruit is missing from the court documents. While it is helpful to know the name of the terrorist we have already apprehended, that being El Gammal, it seems like it would be beneficial to the United States citizenry, to know the identity of the missing terrorist recruit. If nothing more than a face and name(s), at least we can be on the lookout, too.

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