Residents of North Carolina are trying to understand how a man in their state could have gotten away with forming an ISIS terror cell within their state borders. Homegrown terrorism, it seems, can rear its ugly head in any state, no matter how peaceful or productive.

The news that a North Carolina man was actively trying to form an ISIS cell in North America, might seem out of place. But FBI agents say that they were tracking 35-year-old Erick Jamal Hendricks for over a year. Hendricks was placed under arrest Thursday for giving material aid to a terrorist group.

Among Hendricks many plans for his burgeoning group of terrorists was the idea to obtain a "kill list" from ISIS containing targets that they wished to be eliminated. Hendricks' group's job would then be to take out names on the list. That list was mostly made up of names of military personnel and other high-ranking targets, though the existence of a "kill list" begs the question about how ISIS and other terrorists might have obtained that information in the first place.

The FBI was tipped off when an undercover FBI agent caught word that Hendricks had approached one of the agent's contacts about becoming part of a secret group. Hendricks apparently told the would-be-terrorist that he had members in place in the United States and in Canada.

Among Hendricks' many targets was the organizer of the Muhammad drawing contest in Texas last year. Hendricks reportedly had contact with the lone wolf terrorists who were involved in that shooting. It appears that they might not have been as "lone wolf" as everyone thought.

The existence of this terror cell within the United States shows the contrast between Republican and Democratic philosophies at the moment. Democrats are happy to bury their heads in the sand and say that everything is going fine. Republicans are the only ones who seem able to see the threat of terrorism that lies before us.

h/t: Washington Free Beacon

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