Remember that FedEx Driver in Iowa City rushing in to save Old Glory, the guy who faced down a mob of protesters who were about to torch our American Flag? The guy who stepped in and grabbed our symbol of freedom with his bare hand while holding a fire extinguisher with the other and extinguishing the smoldering cloth. He did this all while yanking the flag away from the flames, and then stood toe to toe in a tense stand-off with protesters, who were shouting “racial and social injustice and U.S. imperialism.”

Video of Matt Uhrin stopping liberals attempts to burn flag:

On Monday night that brave patriot was honored for his bravery by American Legion Post 298, in Marion.

FedEx Driver Matt Uhrin was awarded a membership to the post along with a certificate of appreciation for his selfless act of bravery, from the National Legion Headquarters, in Des Moines on Sunday

Uhrin who lives in Cedar Rapids was honored for his quick response on January 26th 2017 when he confronted protesters on the Pedestrian Mall in Iowa City, attempting to burn the American Flag.

A bystander who witnessed the incident and seeing Uhrin rushing into the protesters defended his actions saying at the time: “That’s not freedom that’s treason, man,” he said of the flag burning. “The opportunity, the clothes you have on your back, was provided because of that flag.”

Uhrin recalled seeing the protesters while making deliveries and realized what was taking place and said he “just couldn’t let that happen.”

The young FedEx driver who served in the Army and in Afghanistan from 2010 to 2011 said “My mind went back to having to load one of our sister company’s soldiers to an aircraft going home for his final flight. He was killed by a sniper.”

He continued: “I flashed back to it, and I remember seeing his coffin on the cargo flight going home,” he said. “To me, it wasn’t just a flag. It was that flag. It was his memory being disgraced, and I couldn’t let it happen. It just wasn’t going to happen while I was there.”

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Source: The Gazette

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