When you mention Texas, people might think of oil and big hats with bigger belt buckles. However, when you look at Texas in the scope of job creation and economics then people should think of the top state in the Union for growth. Yes, my friends, the great state of Texas is just that good.

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While the rest of the US started to tank in job creation, Texas decided to take matters into its own hands. The people in the state pulled together and the state government made it pretty tempting to do business in Texas. The combination pulled off one of the rare success stories for our Obama-recession.

Not only did Texas create nearly a half million jobs last year, but they did it in an astounding way. At one point, Texas was creating slightly over four jobs every minute. Let that sink in. Four jobs every minute. That means Texas, through sheer will alone, created more Jobs in one year than Obama could in most of his term. In fact, while Obama was losing jobs during his two terms, Texas created nearly 1.5 million jobs. These are not people just getting into a job after being unemployed, but these are brand new jobs that simply did not exist prior.


Does Obama give credit to Texas? Of course not. He ignores the state or says things about the jobs being created are only oil based and unreasonable to try for the rest of the US. Unfortunately for Obama, the numbers tell a different story. Texas may have a bit of an oil job machine, but they are also booming in construction, stray docking, and en ever-expanding IT industry.

If things keep going the way they do in Texas (e.g. better than the entire US combined) then they might have to make a new verse to that famous song...



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