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Reading more like a movie script out of a 1940’s John Wayne war classic, American Marine Corps pilot Major Taj Sareen had a decision to make whether to eject and live, or steer his plan away from civilians and crash with it.

As his plane failed him and began losing altitude and heading straight for civilian population along the English countryside, Sareen decided to stay with his plan.

A witness to the F-18 crash in England on Wednesday that resulted in the death of the Marine Corps major praised the pilot for steering away from homes before the fatal accident.

“Karen Miles-Holdaway, who witnessed the crash from her backyard, told the Watton & Swaffham Times that the pilot appeared to purposely steer away from the houses before the jet crashed.”

“It came over the houses much lower than they normally do. Then I heard the noise which I can only describe as like an afterburner noise, a huge sound and nothing like the jets we normally have over here,” Holdaway said.

The F-18 belonged to Marine Attack Fighter Squadron 232, which was stationed at Miramar.

The squadron was part of Operation Inherent Resolve and was carrying out air strikes in Iraq and Syria against the Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIL and ISIS).

Source: Free Beacon




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