The hacktivist group, “Anonymous,” operates in the shadow lands. While many things they do seem like black and white in terms of going after the bad guys, sometimes some of what they do is in those shady gray areas that, depending on your political philosophy are acceptable or not.

That being said, what they are doing to ISIS is awesome. They are doing in short order what the governments of the world should have been doing a long time ago, and all along.

Proof positive that government can do nothing right, but get a group of private citizens together and stuff happens, and generally speaking it’s good stuff.

Anonymous managed to hack and take down 5,000+ social media accounts belonging to ISIS, and promises more, like the private locational information of the Jihadis. Now, however, they are going after those that help them. One of those being the Cloudflare company.

Cloudflare is a technology firm, located in Silicon Valley, California, whose task is to help organizations stay on line during hacktivist attacks. Organizations like…ISIS. They admit it and morally equivocate it to their also providing Anonymous their services.

In case Cloudflare missed it, Anonymous doesn’t going around the world creating a bloodbath of horror in their wake.

Cloudflare is just the beginning, and it should be with great pleasure that we all watch Anonymous do the job our government ought to be doing.

The CEO of Cloudflare, Matthew Prince, has responded to their exposure in aiding and abetting ISIS by saying he’d consider not servicing ISIS if “approached through proper channels,” according to Conservative Tribune.

Okay, Mr. Prince, how is this for proper? The American people demand you stop helping our enemy, because like Anonymous, we too are legion, we don’t forgive, and we don’t forget.

You will go down in history as a patsy for the enemy. How noble.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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